New Blog

I’ve been writing about software on and off since 2008. My first blog was on WordPress. I hosted it myself somewhere and it was hell to keep updating it to avoid getting hacked.

I migrated my blog over to an Orchard CMS site that I developed myself. This was both an experiment to learn Orchard CMS which was new back then, and playing around with Azure. It turns out that I don’t have time to maintain an Orchard CMS site.

So I migrated the Orchard CMS site to Jekyll. I could deploy it to AWS S3 and it was so fast! Except, time is flowing by, the Ruby version gets out of date, the ImageMagick library gets old and soon I had to create a docker container just for writing and publishing new blog posts.

So now I’m back on WordPress. I will not migrate all the content as I’ve done before, but I will move over what I think still brings value, and the rest will evaporate into cyber space.